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Strong and very agile. The title fits the content and the message is sent. I love the matching expressions and the back scars. It is gr...

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My previous Behance bio (It doesn't belong there):

Hi- My name is Yoav! I'm 19 years old from Israel and I went to an arts school.
Below is a detailed explanation of my progress so far.. Definitely ask me for more details if you have any questions! :)


My Current Work In Progress
Drawing and writing. Not working on a project. Well, kinda.

Would gladly accept comissions for caricatures, realistic sketching and digital artworks, preferably from around here (Israel), but I wouldn't mind any worldwide requests!

Past Experience

Last August (2016) I finished an art project called "EVERiDAi", in which I drew on a daily basis. I used 11.5x16.5 cm pieces of paper of varying quality, and have set myself the goal of drawing for 500 days. I have been trying to mess up as little as possible. It's been a lot of fun. This was my latest madness, and i've been focusing most of my creativity and work into it those days. I have also been working on a series of Digital Portraits, in a new style i'm trying to develop. These two different routes i've been going in eventually became my art project for my school. I studied at the Reut-Wizo High School for Arts in Haifa (Gosh, I loved it there), and a decent part of our final art grade has been our final project, which gave me the perfect grade of 100 (But who can grade art anyway). 

I have experience in drawing caricatures on the street in live art festivals and events like the Gay Parade, the Independance Day Celebrations and an art festival in downtown Haifa called "GREEN". I have also going to drawn in an annual Purim party for the Scouts youth movement. It's a big thing in Haifa, you should all be very impressed! ;)
I also have experience in drawing for little children's birthday parties etc. I am definitely considering doing more of that, the price isn't really an issue, I love drawing people and caricatures, but I feel like after going to THAT school, I can do better than that.
I used to bring my own table and chairs to the street and just sit there, trying to draw people into getting drawn. It didn't really work at first.. But then I tried to go out when people were in a more festive mood, so I waited for the Independance Day celebrations, made the appropriate arrangements over the phone, brought my equipment and settled in the street. My father advised me to put a tip jar that says "The drawing is free, the tip is for your own consideration". I always thought he didn't feel like I would actually manage to get money if I gave them a concrete price. Boy, the amount of money I made that day was overwhelming- For a kid my age of course. Let's just say I showed my papa who the real boss is, since I have earned more than him on that day. And he was running a restaurant. In the Independance Day Celebrations.

A part of my most recent project was shown in a young artists' gallery in the Marc Chagall Artists' House. It's a little museum, and the opening was fantastic, even though I was terribly sick. I am very pleased with how everything looked, it's probably one of my best achievments in this field, if not the best.… (We were also in the newspaper! My part in the gallery is that looong strip over there).

I have also worked for a local band named "Hookless", nothing too big, just a few folks a little older than me. They asked me to draw a portrait of a woman throwing up hearts for their single's cover. In the end (I'm being totally honest with you guys!) they went for something different, but I still got payed, since we were working on a few versions and I put a lot of effort into it. A fun experience overall! Making an album cover is a dream for me!

In addition, I participated in making a campaign against binging and DUI, inside a special program that involves young communication students and aspiring artists. I made pictures of young boys and girls in awkward situations caused by consuming extreme amounts of alcohol, and they were colored and presented around Haifa in billboards. They were also used for an interactive campaign that took part on the beach and in the main city mall. It contained taking pictures of the pedestrians while standing behind cardboard cutouts of the characters I drew. The pictures were later posted online and created a local buzz. I bet we saved some lives (Nope, I don't really know about that).

That's about it, I mean, I am only 18.


Main Inspirations
On the top of my list is the French illustrator Sabrina Thauvin, who is definitely not as famous as some of my other idols, but her style is wonderful and she's been a great inspiration, even if she doesn't know it. I HAVE tried to reach her the past, but she barely exists online, which is SO SAD! If you are reading this, Sabrina, then, wow, I have so many questions, I am THRILLED by your technique and portfolio. She is on Behance, though, this is how I got here! :
Okay, Next! I am also deeply influenced by the works of Salvador Dali (Yeah, he was terribly commercial, but he's getting some undeserved hate!) and Egon Schiele. I see them both as geniuses.
My project "EVERiDAi" was directly influenced by a project named "Tirgul" (=Practice), by a pair of Israeli artists, Yaara Oren and Alma Shneior. Both women have very unique styles. What interested me the most was how diverse and versatile their works were! I was in a dull period and I couldn't find any inspiration anywhere so this opened my eyes.…
I feel like my project was the period of time in which I have improved the most since I first started drawing. It taught me to look for inspiration outside of my own little world and explore art. Throughout it I have been inspired by many different artists, famous, not famous, in Israel and all around the world, dead and alive, timeless icons and some comic book illustrators (In a random order):

Rene Magritte, Joni Mitchell, Dinalva Barros, Uri Katzenstein, Bruce Bickford, Antonio Lopez, Wassily Kandinsky, Aubrey Beardsley, Lucian Freud, Robert Wagt, Broken Fingaz, Yaakov Freund, Gerald Scarfe, Michel Kichka, Marina Abramovic and Ulay, Sean Howell, Timothy Armstrong, Anna Lukashevsky, Mark Ryden, Hanoch Piven, Cindy Sherman, Gary Larson, Banksy, Zeev Engelmayer, Will Terrell, Alex Landa, Jean-Michel Basquiat, My 6 years old brother Evyatar, Maurits Cornelis Escher, Mark Tansey, Audrey Benjaminsen, Paul Cezanne, A. Wikenfield, Dustin Yellin, Blake Morrow, Duarte Vitoria, Tracey Emin, Vincent Van Gogh, The Darius Twin Light Art Group, Sebastian Kim, Umberto Boccioni, Edvard Munch, Uri Fink, Bob Ransley, Ori Reisman, Guy Bourdin, Shea Humbrey and obviously, all of my classmates and some of my schoolmates. On my first trip to Behance, I have found out about Moon Chanpil and Denis Zilber! Both are awesome.

I am also extremely influenced by music, especially by my #1 fave musician, Kimbra, but I also love many more.. Yeah, I just won't shut up about myself. Everybody's influenced by music. The hell am I saying? Good night! ♥…


agamfable's Profile Picture
Yoav (Joey)
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Heya People! I'm Yoav, an 11th grader from Israel, but all you foreigners can call me Joey. (Lol :D) I speak English pretty well and I like Urban Rivals, Comics and using my Wacom Bamboo :) It's easy and comfortable. Two Illustrators I use are SumoPaint and Mr. Doob's "Harmony". I volunteer for "HaShomer HaTzair", a youth movement. I study art. My life is pretty awesome.
I am best-dev-friends with :iconzebragirl199: :D
V I also lip sync! Click the link V


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